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What my clients say

“Tim Ginty worked with the Sydney Alliance for six months supporting our work with his skillful story creation and communication skills. The pinnacle of this was the development of a script for an online fundraiser that raised over $13,000 in donations for people seeking asylum to access community organising training. Tim is a delight to work with and his writing is elegant and punchy.”

  • David Barrow, Sydney Alliance

Tim’s work was a value-add to our work at AusCam Freedom Project. His final products were flawless and it was great to work with someone who knows the importance of telling human stories that help translate impact.

  • Jessie Teerman, AusCam Freedom Project

“When Tim writes about wine, you can immediately feel his passion and curiosity not only for the product itself, but the people who make it, for the wineries that produce it, and for the culture and history that surround it. Whether he’s describing the terroir, interviewing viticulturalists, or exploring a winery, Tim digs deep into the subject to produce something that enchants the reader.

  • Chelsea Anton, Chelsea & Co. Agency