My name’s Tim, I help people tell their story.

Everyone has their own qualities, skills and experiences that they can use to make their mark. Maybe your strengths lie in numbers and charts, or perhaps your forte is leadership or creativity.

Mine? It’s writing. 

Throughout my life, writing has been my way to add value, make an impact, and help others. I’ve helped kids write stories in a language that isn’t their own, and I’ve worked with charities to spread the word about the change they are making. And just to understand the world around me, I’ve written about hundreds of people I’ve met and places I’ve seen.

Why hire me?

Because a good writer is an avid reader and an active listener.

Before putting pen to paper, I’ll take the time to research your sector, business, and audience. When I do start putting words down, it will be with a voice and message that represents your company’s character. And when the words go to print, they’ll capture both hearts and minds.